Cinematic Subtitling – الترجمة السينمائية

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What Should I learn From "Cinematic Subtitling" Course?

  • Be able to create subtitles
  • Create open and closed captions
  • Create subtitles for the deaf or hard of hearing
  • Edit, adapt and quality check caption files
  • Manage and control a leading subtitling software in the market
  • Put theoretical knowledge into practice
  • Learn on an autonomous basis
  • Organize and plan deadlines
  • Understand the subtitling and closed captioning industry
  • Be familiar with all the lingo in the industry
  • Conform SDH, CC and SLS files

Course Lessons

Introduction & Platforms

Subtitling & Time Coding

Subtitling Techniques

Quality control

Netflix Time-Text Guidelines

Disney Time-Text Style Guidelines.

Formating & Styling

Video Editing

Burn-in / Burn-out & Copyrights

Business meetings

Live Sessions Records

Final Test

Student Ratings & Reviews

يوجد 7 تقييم
منذ شهرين
One of the best and fun courses that I've ever taken. Thank you Dr. Mustafa Sotohy for your effort!
منذ 4 أشهر
Great course and instructor. Thanks
Aya Ahmed
منذ 6 أشهر
Finally achieving my dream thanks to guys ♥️
Mohamed Mosleh
منذ 6 أشهر
First of all I would like to say it was an amazing course with a super instructor that I learned from him a lot and helped me in many ways. thank you, Mr Mustafa.
منذ 7 أشهر
منذ 8 أشهر
I have learned a-lot from this course, thank you so much Mr. Mustafa and al motrjim academy.
منذ 10 أشهر
The best subtitling course out there, thank you, Mr. Mustafa.

Target Audience

  • The course is relevant for professionals concerned with media, e.g.: translators or interpreters, media content professionals, media translators or interpreters, individuals seeking professional Audiovisual and media training. In addition, this course is also relevant for anyone who would like to make a career out of subtitling e.g.: bilingual speakers, second language teachers, recent graduates or students, university student, individuals seeking to enter the TV and Film industries, freelancers working from home, retired professionals.
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