English Grammar and Punctuation Mastery

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Punctuation: Achieve punctuation mastery with this short English and business writing course on punctuation
In this course, I explain everything you need to know about punctuation to be a great writer in just under two hours.

How do I accomplish this?

By focusing on the simplest and most common punctuation needs of most writers.

By deemphasizing the most uncommon forms of punctuation.

There are only 15 punctuation marks in the English language: period (.), question mark (?), exclamation mark (!), comma (,), double quotes (“”), apostrophe (‘), hyphen (-), parentheses (), semicolon (;), colon (:), dash (–), ellipsis (…), slash (/), braces({}) and brackets ([]).

In the first section of this course, I discuss how to write virtually anything using the first 5 punctuation marks. By the end of the course, I explain how to use the remaining punctuation marks.

So, I explain all 15 punctuation marks while focusing on only 5.

Question: How complicated can that be?

Answer: Not complicated at all.

In this course, I discuss:

Fundamental rules for punctuation

Placing punctuation relative to word spacing

Comma usage

Oxford Comma

Comma Alternatives

Uncommon Punctuation

Using Apostrophes for Possession and Contraction

Using Hyphenation to Join Words

Punctuating Dialog

The course concludes with an overview of all the rules (accompanied by a downloadable rule sheet) and a workshop in which I demonstrate how to write using the rules. Along the way, you’ll be challenged with 6 quizzes and 6 homework assignments immediately following demonstration workshops captured in Microsoft Word. If you complete this course, you’re writing will improve dramatically due to the fact that you will fully understand English punctuation!

So, here’s what you should do:

Check out the course syllabus below for an overview of what you’ll learn.

Then watch Lecture 2 for an overview of the Four Rules of Punctuation.

Conclude by enrolling in the course.

P.S. This course builds upon the information presented in my “Words and Space” course or equivalent knowledge.

I’ll see you in the classroom,


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  • 1. Course Overview
  • 2. What Is Punctuation
  • 3. Course Resources
  • 4. How to Watch This Course


Comma Usage


Additional Punctuation

Word Modifiers

7. Dialog

8. Additional Material

9. Conclusion

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